Picture Gallery 75

St. Petersburg, Russia, September 2010

Sightseeing in St. Petersburg with Marina and Vova. (Tolik took the picture.)

Just the three of us.

Inside the Khram Spasa na Krovi (Church on Spilled Blood), with its intricately detailed mosaics.

The marble floor was beautiful, as well. (That's Vova on the right.)

Max in front of more mosaics. He wasn't excited but duly impressed.

Here's a small part of the church from the outside. The colors in this photo Max took don't do it justice.

Max in the courtyard at the Hermitage.

The best part: Dinner at Marina & Tolik & Vova's apartment.

Max and Vova overcame the language barrier. Bang! Gotcha!

Russians eat chips with interesting flavors: Crab, ham, caviar, and "Smokin' Ribs". (Later we found some mushroom-flavored ones, too.)