Picture Gallery 74

US Trip, Summer 2010

We rented the beach house again stayed for a week. It was hot and humid most of the time.

Max throwing a Nerf football to Grandpa Marlin.

After a delicious dinner at Clementine's in South Haven: Eileen, Max, Ben, Elliot, Marlin and Lin.

This wonderful, seemingly telepathic dog named Trudy just trotted up to us one day and enjoyed the attentions of Nancy and Max. Later she showed us where she lived (and the door that had inadvertently been left open, enabling her to go out on her own).

Like this shot of Jackie!

Another beach shot.

We did have one cloudy day and storms one night. But it was still beautiful!

And we had nice sunsets, as is usual on Lake Michigan.

Good-bye, beach house! Until next time!

Back in Kalamazoo, Max attended day camp, where the world's friendliest park rangers taught the kids about fishing.

Putting new skills to use, Max caught a bass off of Jackie's dock.

In Ohio, we had a tour of the Broad Run Cheese Factory. The smell made Max gag, but he wore his tour hat proudly.