Picture Gallery 71

US Trip, Summer 2008

The house we rented (again), "Michigan Split".

Happy renters playing in Lake Michigan....

... where we often stayed until almost sunset.

Speaking of sunsets, this was the view from the porch.

Like last year, Max and Elliot dug a hole....

 ... but bigger this time!

Elliot and Max running down a dune, and Jackie enjoying a sunset.

Elliot, Lin, Ben and Max at the dunes.

Eileen and Bobbie on the beach.

Making s'mores.

Jackie and Max relaxing one evening.

Back in Saline: Max playing Ben's drums.

We went to U of M to feed the squirrels, but we only saw four of them,
and they were shy! What happened to all the squirrels?!

The obligatory visit to Dairy Queen.

Marlin and Max at Binder Park Zoo. Check out Max's new glasses.

We'd never been so close to a giraffe. They're beautiful and graceful!

At the zoo. Some people coming around the corner said, "Oh look, a tree child!"

We got together with many of our friends, but we don't have good pictures of all of them.
Here is Max feeding the fish with Nora and Evan at Lillie Park.

Nora, Max, Evan.

Max and Aaron.

Becki and Diana.

Ben and Elliot (who are on their way to Elliot's baseball tournament) and Max.