Picture Gallery 70

Visitors from afar, May 14-19, 2008

Just a fraction of the hundreds of pictures we have from our few days together....

Marlin, Jackie, Marina, Tolik and Vova in the old town, by the palace.
We saw the changing of the guard, visited the Nobel Museum, had lunch, and shopped.

Doing the tourist thing in the old town.
(I didn't take this picture. I was busy pretending I didn't know these people.)
(Just kidding!)

Another day we went to Skansen. Our visitors were pretty surprised by all the pacifiers that were on display at the children's petting zoo at Skansen. It's a tradition here that when little children feel ready to give up their pacifiers, they "give them to the kittens" at Skansen. Here it looks like a little girl is doing just that, and the next picture shows just a fraction of the pacifiers that have been left for the kittens.

Jackie at Skansen.

Marina, Eileen, Max and Vova at Skansen.

Bengt grilling dinner. I was going to crop the picture so you could see Bengt better,
but then I thought that the surroundings were perhaps just as interesting as Bengt!

Starting dinner.

Dinner has progressed and ended, and by now we are more easily amused. :-)

Tolik choosing from among the different kinds of beer on hand.

Marina, Tolik and Marlin.

Vova decorating Eileen with a tinsel garland and a rubber snake. What a combination!

Throwing boomerangs at the playground.

Max and Bengt kicking a ball at the playground.

Marlin, Jackie and Éileen visited Ikea (which we pronounce "ee-kay-uh")
on their last day, after Marina, Tolik and Vova left.