Picture Gallery 69

Gran Canaria, April 5-12, 2008

Max relaxing in our apartment (a rare moment).
We had TV, but the channels were all in Spanish or German. K

Eileen enjoying the balcony.

Max on a slide at Aqua Land.

Eileen and Max on that same slide. Good one! :-D
Actually, I have no recollection of being scared. I loved this slide.

Another picture from Aqua Land, and one from the resort's pool area.
(Actually the resort had many pool areas but only one heated pool.
Since Max played in the pool constantly, the heated one was the clear choice.)

A view from our balcony. That's Max standing on the seat. Heated pool in background.

At the dunes/beach at Maspalomas.

Max playing at a nearby arcade. There was an amusement park outside.

On a motorcycle at the arcade. (This was Max's favorite).