Picture Gallery 66

US Trip, Summer 2007, Part 2: After the beach

Max with our friend Sam.

Max, Evan and Nora at the end of a very fun evening of play.

Elliot (excellent baseball player) clowning around behind Aaron (awesome gymnast).

Max and Olivia visiting some llamas at Stolines' place. They're wearing protective eye gear (swim goggles) because a llama spit at Marlin and got him right in the eyes!

We enjoyed spending time with Jackie and Nancy.

Elliot and Ben fishing off Jackie's dock, and Max admiring Elliot's catch.

MacKenzie and Max (second cousins) enjoying a fun cookout in Ohio.

Max on the four-wheeler, and looking for victims.

Grandma Arlene, age 94. Watch out for her! And Jenni—watch out for her, too!

Eileen's cousins, Sam and Susan.
(I have a great picture of Susan's husband Jon, but he apparently hates being photographed, so I won't flaunt it.)
(Except of course I've published many more of our photos on Flickr—request a "guest pass" from me if you'd like to see them.)