Picture Gallery 65

US Trip, Summer 2007, Part 1: Beach house

The house we rented, "Michigan Split".

Happy renters on the beach.

Does it get any better than this?!?

Digging / jumping into "the hole".

Working on the hole.

Still (or again) digging the hole. Or maybe it's a different hole. Doesn't matter. It's the digging that matters.

Cleaning corn for dinner.

Max on his own after a lesson from Aunt Lin—though he paddled parallel to the shore, and mom followed on foot.

Three cousins playing in the waves after a storm. (Compare with the calm water above!)

More fun in the waves.

And did I mention the hole?

Eileen and Marlin.

A very colorful Lin and Max!

Right: Boys taking cover behind Lin's kayak in windy weather.

Cousins and buddies.

Elliot, Ben and Max climbing up a steep sand dune.

Final stretch!

Eileen and Lin in the dunes.

Ben and Elliot bouncing in Saugatuck.

Elliot climbing in Saugatuck.

Max climbing in Saugatuck.

Max eating ice cream at the soda bar, and wearing this spiky thing that he bought as a souvenir after the dune buggy ride—and wore nonchalantly at various other places, for example on the plane home and at Frankfurt airport.