Picture Gallery 64

Skara sommarland 2007

Max enjoying some vehicles on our first day, which was very rainy.

Motocross was great fun, too.
(I'm noticing for the first time that his knee pad isn't covering his knee....)

As last year, Max really enjoyed these pedal vehicles that you use levers to steer.
He wasn't much bothered by the rain.

He seemed to enjoy the challenge of steering them,
as well as the satisfaction of powering them with muscle strength.

He enjoyed the "water workshop", too—same as last year.

Max on one of the water slides.

Same slide, different pose.

A very fast slide.

I got a jolt when I hit the bottom of this slide last year, so I refrained.

Last year we enjoyed feeding the fish, so this year we brought a whole loaf of cheap bread to feed them.
They practically swim onto land to get the bread (see bottom right corner), and they make smacking
noises when they slurp up the soggy bread. Disgusting and fascinating!