Picture Gallery 62

Max's 7-year birthday party

First thing in the morning, Max got a few presents from Eileen and Bengt.

Namely a lava lamp, and new snorkel and mask, and new swim goggles.

In the afternoon we had a party here. More presents!

Max is well mannered enough to read the cards, as well.

Bengt had gotten a magician, Roffe. Afterwards I asked Max if he liked the surprise,
or if he would have preferred knowing in advance. He said he liked the surprise.

Roffe's tricks were pretty good! Kids are a tough audience, though.
They just blurt it out if they are skeptical about something.

One trick involved stamping on cups, one of which had a
spike hidden under it. "Kids, don't try this at home!"

The kids enjoyed "candy rain". (Much nicer than the rain we had outside that day.)