Picture Gallery 48

Sollentuna Gymnastics, December 2004

The pictures from the recent annual show came out poorly (I was too far away), but here's one where Max has just volted up onto this paded thing and landed in a somersault. His feet weren't placed correctly when he came out of the somersault, but he did stand up and stretch his arms up like they're taught. :-)

I can't believe I cut Max off this picture! But I'm showing it because it's the only one that shows how he was hamming it up. At this point he was dancing and waving to the audience, to general amusement.

Ok, the pictures from the show were pretty bad, but here are a few from class the next day.

Check this one out. He's just hopped up quite high. See his tongue hanging out?

After class, Max played "soccer" with the girls. (Sorry for the poor picture quality.) There used to be another boy in the class, but he seems to have dropped out.

Max taking it easy at his post while he waits for the girls to come running back again...