Picture Gallery 45

A small selection of photos from our trip to USA, July-August 2004

Click on pictures to see larger, uncropped versions....

Left: Lin, Ben, Elliot and Max picking blueberries
Middle: The three boys enjoying a swim in some friends' pool.
Right: Max in a Batman get-up that he inherited from Elliot.

Beach scenes...
Left: Max and Elliot bury Ben.
Right: Bobbie and Bengt protecting themselves from the sun and trying to read.

Left: Waves!
Middle: We very much enjoyed collecting stones on the beach. Here Max finds some.
Right: Max in the waves.

Left: Nichols body-surfing.
Middle: Aunt Lin making sure Max doesn't get swept away.
Right: Aunt Lin taking Max for a ride in her kayak. Faster, faster, Aunt Lin!

Left: Marlin and Bengt about to enjoy a cigar.
Middle: Nancy visited us at the house we rented.
Right: Lin teaching Max a card game.

Grandpa Marlin taking Max for a ride down the driveway. 

Left: MacKenzie taking Max for a ride in her pink jeep!
Middle: MacKenzie airborn after being tossed into the air by Sam.
Right: MacKenzie and Max resting after a swim.

Left: Max at bat for the first time in his life.
Middle: Max and MacKenzie pose after having gotten into some stickers.
Right: Marj, Arlene and Marlin.

Left: Max with his three "grandmas" Donna, ReRe and Sue.
Right: Max and Lizzie.

Left: Max was very impressed by Dick's 1967 Camaro convertible.
Middle: Max even got to ride the Chrysler Sebring convertible with Dick.
Right: We ate plenty of ice cream during our trip. Here we are at Handel's.

We took gobs of great pictures at Rolling Hills water park, which we visited twice. Here are just a few.
Left: Max, Ben and Elliot at one of the playground areas.
Middle: Max squirtint Ben.
Right: Max eating delicious frozen yogurt.

Feeding squirrels in Ann Arbor—awesome!

Left: Elliot and Max drinking Chai.
Right: Max enjoying a private concert by Tracey.