Picture Gallery 44

Max's 4 1/2 year birthday party - June 20, 2004

Most of the kids arrived at the same time. As is customary at kids' parties here, presents are opened immediately.

A game! Max got some great gifts from his generous friends (or should I say their parents), for example a basketball, a fishing pole, boxes of Legos, a computer game, a dinosaur T-shirt, and more.

An excellent book about tow trucks!

Then the kids played for awhile on their own. 
These two dads—and two others—stayed at the party with their girls who were a little apprehensive. And with 12 kids at the party, Bengt and I were glad for the helping hands!

Time for cookies and cake!

Max loved his strawberry cake, which you can see remnants in the foreground. (I bought the cake at a really good bakery, then added extra strawberries.) 
How do you like Max's party vest? He wore it to Tua's disco party the day before, as well. 

We played musical chairs, and then the kids went "fishing" for bags of goodies. 
The two girls on the left are digging into their bags.

Natalie didn't get involved with the activities, 
but she seemed to like the balloon from her bag.