Picture Gallery 41 - Gran Canaria, March 2004

Eileen outside "our" apartment.

Bengt helps Max put on his sandals in our apartment.

Max and new friend at nearby water park.

Max gets creamed by Ida (age 8, from Skåne).


At left, Max and Lone (from Norway) enjoying yogurt. At right, Max ready for Bamse Club. The Norwegians, Danes and Swedes were in the same group. The Finns were in a separate group, because Finnish is so different from the other languages that people can't communicate. All the Bamse kids have identical caps (with their name and other identifying information), backpacks (ditto) and T-shirts. It was funny seeing a group of them being herded around together. 




Dive parts I and II



This swim vest has opened up a whole new world for Max. He feels quite safe in it, though we still keep our eye on him every minute. We acquired the swim goggles on Gran Canaria, and Max likes them, as well. And some days were extremely windy, so we were glad to have Max's bathrobe along!